Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

It’s never easy to finish off a successful series of films, especially when it has become so successful it even has games based on it too. The sixth and final Resident Evil film has a lot to live up to and you can see it for yourself in cinemas now.

It has been 10 years since the release of the first Resident Evil film and it’s safe to say that the films have been a big success. They’ve had their ups and downs of course, but they have many diehard fans who have followed the series to the very end.

This final installment is in much the same vein as the other movies, featuring lots of action that can also be viewed in 3D. A lot is packed into the 106 minutes of the film and you will probably be very lost if you haven’t already seen the other films. For those who have though, it is a loud and dramatic climax to bring Resident Evil to a close.