Pre-release games that are coming to the PS5

With the PS5 finally going on sale last month, many avid gamers are looking forward to the release date on the 19th November. The PS5 was released in two batches and both sold out extremely quickly.

In light of the launch of the new console, new games for the PS5 are now also available for pre-order although you will struggle to find any game for less than around £60. As the PS5 is going to be backwards compatible, you may wonder if it is worth buying the PS5 games or just to buy it for the PS4. Often the graphics are improved on the newer game versions but you may not notice a huge difference. Some games are only being released on the PS 5 at least for now any way such as the New Spiderman game and Far Cry 6.

If you haven’t managed to bag yourself a PS5 then you may want to look on site such as Ebay but be aware that you may well end up paying well over the odds as some are already selling for hundreds of pounds extra to what they cost new. Hopefully more stock will be released soon but with Christmas approaching you will need to be fast.