Are VR headsets just another gimmick?

The new craze in gaming at the moment is to play games using a virtual reality headset as the gaming experience especially on some games such as shooters is enhanced. The computer environments during play can be amazing and interactions with avatars scarily realistic but VR headsets are still expensive to buy and out of

Are DVDs becoming obsolete?

As more of the general population subscribe to streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime what has happened to all our DVDs and Blu-ray discs? Are they still in a cupboard somewhere or in cases in the loft or are people still watching them regularly on their DVD players? Although many people are using

Games to keep your little ones amused

Children have undoubtedly this year spent far more time staring at a computer screen than ever before especially if they have been involved in online learning that their school has recommended but despite this many still want to play online games in their spare time. The issue for many parents is what sort of games