Have you found your genre of film?

There are new films being released on a daily basis, but sometimes you will find that you are only interested in a selected few. It may be that you have decided that you only like comedy films or maybe horrors are more your thing. Sometimes we already write films off we haven’t even seen as

Have cinemas had their day?

Often years ago, going to the cinema was something that couples did in date night, parents took their children to as a treat or birthday outing or groups of friends met up out of school. Over the last decade, more and. It’s online streaming services have become available and during lockdown many films were realised

Podcasts to suit all tastes

The trend to listen to podcasts instead of music when relaxing is not only increasing in the younger generation but also amongst silver surfers who may be discovering them for the first time. Although audio books have been around for some time podcasts are a more recent thing and usually consist of a series of

Has binge watching become the norm?

Over the three lockdowns that we have had to endure, the amount of television that we have watched has increased immensely. The trend for binge watching whole series in one go has become the norm for many people but should we be indulging in this or not? Before the advent of streaming services, we watched