Dracula Untold – Worth a Watch?

Dracula Untold is one of the latest box office movies and so far reviews have been fairly positive. The storyline may not be the strongest, but the visual effects are quite amazing, while Luke Evans plays the role of Dracula down to a tee. The film has only just been released and tells the story

4D Cinema Experience Coming Soon?

From to 2D, to 3D and now there’s 4D. What is 4D you ask? Well it’s hard to describe what it actually is, but it’s definitely intense! The seats move about, strobe lights behind you, there was mist and fog and then a bit of water being sprayed about at certain points. Sounds like a

Review: Think Like A Man Too

The second installment of the adaptation of the self-help book ‘Act Like A Woman, Think Like A Man’, was released three months earlier in the US and has finally arrive in the UK, but is it worth the wait? With a massive cast including Kevin Hart, Gabrielle Union, Meagan Good and plenty others, the film

The Response to Guardians of the Galaxy

The latest of the Marvel franchise, the new movie Guardians of the Galaxy has received widespread approval by both critics and fans for being a great movie, and a great introduction to a bunch of new characters, and to the wider Marvel universe. Guardians of the Galaxy has some great actors in it, with the

Dwayne’s Performance in Hercules

When you try to consider how successful a movie has been, you need to consider many different factors. Firstly, plot; this is integral to the quality of movie, although it can be compensated for through other factors. Secondly, Visual Effects; with many movies nowadays acting out an arms race regarding visual effects, people today expect