Must-Play Xbox One Games: From Outer Wilds to Halo: The Master Chief Collection

The Xbox One boasts an impressive library of great games. While the Xbox Series X/S may be the latest consoles, the Xbox One still offers a wealth of fantastic experiences any gamer needs to try.

For a mind-bending adventure unlike anything else, Outer Wilds belongs in every Xbox owner’s library. In this narrative-driven exploration game, you’re caught in a time loop of a solar system trapped in an endless cycle. Learning more about each planet’s unique mysteries and civilizations is key to progress. Outer Wilds’ intricate puzzles and rich environments make failure exciting. An eerie existential journey about knowledge and existence, Outer Wilds is a bold game brimming with heart and innovation.

Speaking of innovation, no game pushed the possibilities of interactivity further last generation than Disco Elysium. This revolutionary RPG essentially has no combat. Instead, everything is based around dialogue choices and skill checks. With brilliant writing and exceptional freedom in sculpting your detective character, Disco Elysium delivers an experience as close to tabletop role-playing as possible. From political ideologies to skills like Conceptualization and Drama, the depth Disco Elysium offers in its decaying city is unparalleled.

For more standard RPG fare, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt remains the pinnacle. Its sprawling medieval fantasy world overflowing with vibrant characters, menacing monsters, and meaningful quests has left a lasting impact on the genre. Whether you’re tracking ghoulish beasts, playing the collectible card game Gwent, or following Geralt’s emotionally charged story, The Witcher 3 oozes ambition and heart in equal measure. Even years later, its world bursting with lore and activities feels special.

Of course, any Xbox library requires some iconic first-person shooters. 2001’s Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary lets players revisit Master Chief’s origin story in HD glory. The pistol-focused combat stands the test of time, while locales like the Silent Cartographer remain legendary shootout arenas. Then Halo 2 Anniversary ups the ante with dual-wielding mayhem. Playing these enhanced original Xbox classics on Xbox One never gets old. Rounding out The Master Chief Collection are sprawling sequels Halo 3 and 4.

For multiplayer skirmishes, few shooters match Valorant’s tactical depth. Its varied characters like Sova and Killjoy bring unique abilities into 5v5 matches, testing coordination and skill. Valorant also appeals to aspiring pros thanks to its flawless gunplay where headshots reign supreme. Offering stellar competitive FPS action for free, Valorant is easy to lose hundreds of hours to.

Ubisoft’s dynamic open-world design shines in Assassin’s Creed Origins and Odyssey. Origins brought refreshing RPG growth and satisfying combat to the long-running series. Exploring historic Egypt while sharpening your assassin skills made for an engrossing combination. Odyssey expanded on this formula with dialogue options, branching quests, and the beautiful backdrop of ancient Greece. Whether you fight mercenaries as Alexios or Kassandra, Odyssey allows you to shape your own epic odyssey.

For Xbox owners seeking family-friendly platformers, games like Yooka-Laylee, Spyro Reignited Trilogy, and Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy deliver charming adventures. These colorful mascot games brim with personality. Jumping, spinning, and exploring their joyful worlds harken back to vintage 3D collectathons. Local co-op options only sweeten the pot.

With exhilarating exclusives, groundbreaking indies, iconic shooters, sprawling RPGs, and multiplayer gems, these represent just a sample of the must-play Xbox One games. There’s something for everyone among these diverse gems well worth experiencing.