How Much Crossover is there Between Gaming and Films?

The gaming world and the world of film are often very closely linked, with both allowing people to travel into a different dimension and explore different worlds. If people are a particular fan of a certain film, then playing a game involving those characters and with the storylines they love will often be a very rewarding experience.

There is plenty of crossover between the two mediums, with many games taking on the stories from films and the other way around sometimes, as well. Some great movies that have been made based on games are Detective Pikachu, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil and Warcraft. More recently, as technology gets better all the time, there are augmented reality games coming out as well, often based on film and television. The most recent is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which lets the player explore the world of witches and wizards without leaving their normal, everyday world.