Have you found your genre of film?

There are new films being released on a daily basis, but sometimes you will find that you are only interested in a selected few. It may be that you have decided that you only like comedy films or maybe horrors are more your thing. Sometimes we already write films off we haven’t even seen as we assume we are not going to enjoy them without even giving them a chance.

It is a good idea to try and watch several different types of films to see which ones appeal to you. Many of the film streaming companies such as Netflix, Prime and Now TV have a section of films that it thinks you may like. These films are selected for you based on you other movies you may have watched. Some of them even give you a percentage as to how much of a match it is. You can often also rate the films so if you watch one and don’t enjoy it, you can mark it down. This ill also help to show you accurate suggestions of movies to watch next.  

It may be that you are not really in to films and would enjoy series much more as you can dip in and out of them when you have the time.