Have cinemas had their day?

Often years ago, going to the cinema was something that couples did in date night, parents took their children to as a treat or birthday outing or groups of friends met up out of school. Over the last decade, more and. It’s online streaming services have become available and during lockdown many films were realised straight to our screens to purchase this way.

Over time, cinemas seem to have lost their appeal to many. With many homes having large tv’s and surround sound systems, people are choosing to stay at home and watch the films in the comfort of their own armchair.

Many cinemas have noticed that they needed to up their game so many of them have now upgraded their seating to include comfort recliners and more leg room. This allows people to watch a film in more comfort than before, which was often a big factor as to why so many people stopped going in the first place.

Some cinemas are also showing 3D versions of films and it is likely that over the next few years 4d films will becoming increasingly available at your local cinema. 4D adds the extra dimension or touch so for example if a wave crashes in the film you may feel a must of water.