Educational games for your child’s tablet

Many children have or have access to a smart device such as a phone or tablet. These devices are often capable of downloading games and apps from an app store such as Google Play or Apple Store. There are thousands of games available to download and many of them are free to play. It is easy to allow your child to spend hours at a time on a tablet or phone without really thinking about what they are playing. There are a great number of educational games out there that can be not only be extremely fun to play but also of great benefit to a child’s academic learning. Some schools now set homework on these apps to give children the opportunity to use technology to help them learn.

If you are unsure about what games to download, have a look on some blog posts or forums but be sure to read plenty of reviews and download / play the game yourself first. This will allow you to see what it is all about and decide if you think it is suitable and safe for your child to use. You could also ask their school as they often have a list of apps that they can recommend.