Do you plan what you are going to watch over the festive period?

With Christmas only just over a few weeks away, you may have already started to watch some of the festive films that prove very popular this time of year.

Years ago, people used to have to buy the TV guide the week or so before Christmas to find out what movies are going to be shown. They would highlight programs or films they wanted to watch and schedule reminders to ensure that they were not missed. There was no such thing or catch up or on demand so if you didn’t watch it then or record it, you had no way to watch it afterwards.

With the likes of Netflix, Disney Plus and Now TV – we can pick a film and watch it in an instant. There is no need to wait for films to come on to the TV as we can watch them where and when we want. Many smart devices such as phones and tablets can also use these streaming services to watch films and series.

When it comes to Christmas, you can easily find a number of different films you want to watch and even create a watch list or add them to your favourites. There is nothing better than snuggling down with the family to watch a festive film to get you in the mood for Christmas.