Do the films our children watch have an impact on their behaviour?

There has been an ongoing debate for some time now as to whether the programs our children watch have an impact on their behaviour. It may be that you don’t see the harm in your child watching a gory movie or an 18 rated horror at the age of ten but these ratings are there for a reason and although as a parent you can make a judgement call, they should be taken int o consideration when deciding if a film is appropriate or not.

It may be that you don’t mind your child hearing some swearing or that you feel they don’t scare easily. But if they are exposed to these sorts of films often then it may start to show in their actions. You may find that they start to swear or that they are struggling to get to sleep at night as they may be thinking about what they have seen.

Always ensure that you watch any film that you are unsure of first before letting your child watch it and ideally watch it with them if you do allow them to watch it so you can explain things or let them ask questions if they have any.