Bryce Dallas Howard Confirms No Heels in Next Jurassic Park

With the film breaking records at the box office, it was a bit surprising how the Jurassic World star, Bryce Dallas Howard’s most controversial moment was running in heels during the action scenes. With that said, the actress has confirmed that the next film will not involved any running in heels!

“[Director Colin Trevorrow] told me, when the sequel was happening, when it got greenlit and that I was going to be in it, he texted me, ‘#NoHeels2018’, and I was like, ‘Yeah boy!’

That is something I didn’t expect at all. From my perspective, of course it’s illogical for her to be in heels in the jungle [but] she never intended to go into the jungle. And if she were in flats, that would be a cheat. That would be something where it’s like, ‘Oh, she managed to get her hands on some flats’.

Claire never thought she was going to end up traipsing through the jungle, let alone outrunning a T Rex.” (Collider)