Are you ready to return to the cinema?

Since lockdown, cinemas have been closed and many releases of new films delayed. Some films went straight to rental and DVD but many have been patiently waiting for the cinemas to reopen to be able to go and watch films on the big screen.

Cinemas have now started to reopen but you may need to book in advance and they may not be able to accommodate as many people as before so it is important to allow plenty of time when booking to avoid disappointment.

The cinema may ask you to wear a facemask when in there to keep you and everyone around you safe. Once you are seated and the film has started, hopefully you can sit back and relax and enjoy the film. Try to take advantage of this time as it may be the first opportunity that you have had to go somewhere out of your house other than the shops.  

It is important for the film industry that we continue to use cinemas so that they can remain open as many will have struggled over recent times and need your support now more than ever. So why not look ahead over the next few weeks to see what’s coming to the big screens near you.