Are you looking for a new series to get in to?

If you are looking for a good series to watch then you may struggle to know which ones you will enjoy. TV shows and films can appeal to various people and just because one persons thought it was the best thing they had watch doesn’t mean everyone else will agree with them. You need to try and find out what sort of genre you like to watch, this will help narrow your search down. You can also look for other series by the same directors or actors as the one’s you like as this is often a good way to find compatible programs.

There are often some good groups on the social media site such as Facebook where you can join and ask for recommendations based on other programs you have enjoyed. This is a good way to discover new or old series that you may not of heard of previously.

If you are signed up to one of the streaming services such as Netflix you will find that it will recommend programmes and films for you based on your previous viewing history. This again can work quite well. It also gives you a star rating so you can see how other people have rated it after watching it.