Are VR headsets just another gimmick?

The new craze in gaming at the moment is to play games using a virtual reality headset as the gaming experience especially on some games such as shooters is enhanced. The computer environments during play can be amazing and interactions with avatars scarily realistic but VR headsets are still expensive to buy and out of many people’s reach especially if they have already spent a lot of money on a new console recently so is it worth trying to get one of these new gadgets or are they just that, a gadget?

For many gamers, the opportunity to enhance game play is one that they would welcome but as computer graphics continues to improve over time the gaming experience is already excellent in most cases and many feel that the discomfort of wearing a headset when playing detracts from the experience somewhat. It is also the case that some wearers begin to feel nauseous when playing for extended periods and so need to remove the headset.

One of the benefits to this technology is that a player can play a game without the need to use a monitor or television which in the home may prevent device sharing arguments. VR headsets are often used in pilot training in real life scenarios so non-gaming use may be the thing that continues to ensure their place in the real world for some time to come.