Are DVDs becoming obsolete?

As more of the general population subscribe to streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime what has happened to all our DVDs and Blu-ray discs? Are they still in a cupboard somewhere or in cases in the loft or are people still watching them regularly on their DVD players?

Although many people are using streaming services now it is still quite costly to be a regular subscriber and it is because of this that there are still some people who cannot afford to pay for this service or who prefer not to spend their money on such facilities especially if they already pay for a TV service from their broadband supplier.

DVD films can be bought quite cheaply now especially if charity shops are visited as many have shelves full of them. Online selling sites are another way to buy the DVD and Blu-ray titles that you want to watch. DVD players are still easily available to buy and new game consoles will play these discs too. There is something nice about being able to watch a favourite film that you own whenever you want to and so, no, DVDs are far from being obsolete, thank goodness now where have I put that copy of The Sound of Music?