What’s your Favourite Christmas Movie?

Christmas films tend to be a little bit on the cheesy side, but everybody has to have their favourite and we’re going to let you know our top 3.

Home Alone

This film was an instant classic. It had action, funny bad guys, annoying family members and emotional scenes. Kevin was a character that many people adored and could probably relate to, and it gives you the happy ending that most Christmas films include.

The Santa Clause

This film shows just how funny and loveable Tim Allen can be, and it’s perfect for those people who have lost a little of their Christmas spirit. It provides answers to those questions every kid asks, but there are funny scenes, action shots and quality sets along the way.


This film may not have the best storyline, but it’s the many funny scenes that make it one of the best in our book. Will Ferrell is essentially a child-like elf in a huge body, and he soon has to find his way in the big city to find his father, who really is in for a world of surprise.