The Response to Guardians of the Galaxy

The latest of the Marvel franchise, the new movie Guardians of the Galaxy has received widespread approval by both critics and fans for being a great movie, and a great introduction to a bunch of new characters, and to the wider Marvel universe.

Guardians of the Galaxy has some great actors in it, with the likes of Vin Diesel playing the role of Groot, and Chris Pratt taking on the main role of Peter Quill. Most critics argue that all of the good guys in the film did a good job and fulfilled the characters’ requirements admirably, although the bad guys made less of positive impact.

Guardians of the Galaxy grossed 94 million dollars in the USA on its opening weekend, a good result by anybodies standards. As the first film of what is likely to become a main-stead of the Marvel franchise (there is already a sequel in the pipeline), it has left many fans eager for the next instalment and to see how it will eventually tie in with the rest of the characters of the universe, with the Avengers.