Suicide Squad Rules the Box Office!

It’s no change at the top of the UK box office as Suicide Squad, Finding Dory, Jason Bourne and The BFG all retain their lock on the top four places. Suicide Squad suffered by far the biggest decline, down 62%, but was nevertheless the clear winner in the box office, with weekend takings of £4.24m. Bear in mind, that’s still more than most new releases! After 10 days, the Warner/DC release has grossed an impressive £22.2m here. That compares with £25.9m for Deadpool after two weekends of play – but that was a 12-day figure for Deadpool, thanks to its previews strategy. Another valid comparison might be Disney/Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, which stood at £13.8m after two weekends. Even after the bad reviews, it still seems as if people want to watch the film, which says a lot about the marketing.