Star Wars Hitting Another Milestone?

We all know it’s not going to dethrone Avatar as the highest-grossing movie of all time, but the most recent Star Wars film has still made a stupid amount of money, and continues to do so. At the domestic box office, it added another $10 million over the weekend, and should cross another huge milestone in relatively short order, as experts estimate that The Force Awakens is about to hit the $2 billion threshold! Yes, you’ve read correctly.

Only two movies have breached the $2 billion mark, Avatar and Titanic—both directed by James Cameron—but according to reports, Star Wars: The Force Awakens should join this very exclusive club by the end of the week. The worldwide take thus far for J.J. Abrams’ epic space opera is $1.983 billion, which places it just $17 million away from this mark.

Domestically, no movie has even come close to the numbers that Star Wars: The Force Awakens has put up. Currently sitting at $895 million, that’s a full $125 million ahead of second place Avatar. On the international stage, however, it is lagging a bit behind. Of Avatar’s $2.78 billion haul, $2.03 billion of that came from outside of the United States, while Titanic grossed $1.53 billion internationally.