Sony announce launch date and price of new PS5

With Microsoft announcing the new Xbox consoles and prices it seems Sony thought they need to do the same and have even matched the prices. The new PS5 is available in two different formats. The cheaper version priced at £359 does not have a CD drive and therefore all games need to be downloaded. This is great for people who do not want to have disc lay around or have to worry about swapping discs when playing a different game but there are some downsides. You ill no longer be able to swap games with your friends or buy second hand as you can only pay content that is loaded on to the PS5. Also as you may of noticed, the memory even on the PS4 Pro can quickly get used up when downloading full games to the device so you may decide to just play them from the disc. This will no longer be possible with the non disc drive version. This being said if you tend to only pay the same sorts of games and don’t mind the points above you can save yourself a hundred pounds. The PS5 will be released in the UK on the 19th November and many places are already taking pre-order requests.