Tetris Ultimate – A Quick Insight

Tetris was and still is a classic. It will go down as a legendary video game, but what about the latest release on next gen consoles; Tetris Ultimate? Well, it’s doesn’t change too much form the original, expect it’s bolder, and it’s perfect for one, two three and four players, all on one screen! The

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age is one of those colourful, action adventure games and you essentially become an inquisitor, experiencing a dramatic journey in the dragon age. This game benefits from really clever, stunning visuals, and there’s so much attention to detail. The storyline will have you hooked from the first mission, and you can just have fun

Gone Girl – The Box Office Topping Thriller

Gone girl stars Ben Affleck and it’s based on a bestselling novel by Gillian Flynn. The film stars Ben Affleck and it has already earned very strong reviews from critics. Affleck plays writer Nick Dunne who falls into the media spotlight when his wife goes missing and the police suspect he is responsible. Rosamund Pike

Game of Thrones – Follow the Crowd

Most people will have heard of Game of Thrones, but not everybody has succumbed and given it a real chance. Most people will be hooked in the first few episodes. If it’s not the props and sets, it will be the encapsulating storylines that grabs your attention. The first season starts off rather slowly compared

Dracula Untold – Worth a Watch?

Dracula Untold is one of the latest box office movies and so far reviews have been fairly positive. The storyline may not be the strongest, but the visual effects are quite amazing, while Luke Evans plays the role of Dracula down to a tee. The film has only just been released and tells the story

4D Cinema Experience Coming Soon?

From to 2D, to 3D and now there’s 4D. What is 4D you ask? Well it’s hard to describe what it actually is, but it’s definitely intense! The seats move about, strobe lights behind you, there was mist and fog and then a bit of water being sprayed about at certain points. Sounds like a