Minecraft on PS4

Minecraft is a very interesting game which a lot of gamers, particularly those used to PC gaming, would recommend. The game was first made available to the public on 17th May 2009, and has since developed a community of dedicated players, private server managers, and developers.

More recently, we’ve seen a basic model of the game be released on the PS4. This gives gamers who aren’t interested in getting into PC gaming to experience the hype. At a far cheaper price than normal PS4 games (less than £10), it is also a great value purchase as well.

The gameplay of Minecraft offers a broad array of options for gamers interested in a variety of experiences. Gamers can choose whether they want to play in Survival or Adventure mode, with massive differences between the two. Survival places you in the game with nothing; you need to collect natural resources, acquire tools and weapons, and make bases so that you can survive when night-time rolls around and monsters come out to play.