Lift your spirits with a feel-good film

At this time, we all need a boost to our mood and a good way to achieve this is to relax, cuddle up and enjoy a feel-good film but which are the best films to watch to help us feel better?

Film choice is obviously very personal and what one person finds enjoyable another may not. A classic example of this is musicals whether from the past such as Carousel and The Sound of Music or the modern musicals like The Greatest Showman and La La Land some people rave about them whereas others find them irritating. Many people say that music has a positive effect on our mental state and so perhaps that is why watching musicals are still popular amongst many film watchers.

One of the main ingredients for a feel-good film has to be that it makes you laugh. Having a good chuckle is so important for our well being and releases chemicals in our brain to lift our mood. Sometimes the sillier the film the better as is seen in many of Jim Carrey’s films such as Ace Venturer Pet Detective.

Another aspect of a good film is that it has a positive moral message often extolling the virtues of kindness, sharing and friendship. Love Actually is a favourite that many people watch over and over again as is the 1990’s classic Groundhog Day. Of course, the Disney films have to be the ultimate cuddle up and watch films if children are watching with you or even if you do not have kids around.