Finding out about new releases for games is a bit different than it is with movies, but you do have the added benefit of a more active user base. You can find out directly from other gamers by reading the massive number of active blogs, or by using one of the main ones, such as IGN.

Another dimension to the whole reviewing of new games is that of having an idea what to actually do in the games. A lot of gamers in the world rely upon walk-throughs to help them progress in games, and these are really only provided by the top websites, like IGN, or in uploads on youtube, and they also take a significant amount of time to become available. So, unlike movies, rushing out to get a brand new game isn’t always the best option.

Yet another dimension to new game releases is the amount of money you have to spend. The advantages of movies are that if you reach the conclusion that it isn’t worth spending money to go see at the cinema, then you can wait a few months for it to become freely available on your TV. With games this isn’t the case, as it will always require money to purchase. Hence why you often find gamers looking and waiting for games which they’re not that enthusiastic about to come out on a deal, which can take a while.