Films of 2017 – What Worked and What Didn’t?

2017 saw some amazing films – and also some awful films. It has been an interesting year for the film industry and Hollywood. Here are some of the biggest successes and equally, some of the most forgettable films, of the last ten months:

  • Dunkirk. Easily one of the year’s most popular films, this has been selling out in cinemas for weeks. It has been a real success for box offices in the UK.
  • Baby Driver. This film features Ansel Elgort as a young getaway driver, working for crime boss Kevin Spacey. It features a great soundtrack (thanks to the character’s tinnitus, he always listens to loud music) and will get the adrenaline going.
  • The Circle. Widely voted one of the worst films of the year, The Circle stars Emma Watson as a character sucked into a tech corporation. The story is over the top and, frankly, uninteresting.
  • Baywatch. This remake felt outdated and performed terribly. People are clearly expecting more substance these days.