Dwayne’s Performance in Hercules

When you try to consider how successful a movie has been, you need to consider many different factors.

Firstly, plot; this is integral to the quality of movie, although it can be compensated for through other factors.

Secondly, Visual Effects; with many movies nowadays acting out an arms race regarding visual effects, people today expect a high quality of computer graphics for many varieties of movies.

Thirdly, acting; this is an interesting factor, as it doesn’t necessarily require quality acting, just exciting actors.  When you look at action movies, most of the big actors which play the leading role in movies like this, such as Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, and Sylvestor Stallone, aren’t attracting viewers through their excellent acting skills, but through their overall performance of the role, and the magnetism that they bring to the table.

Hercules is a great example of a movie which defies convention; where a movie needs to have quality acting, visual effects and plot in order to succeed. Hercules, arguably, only had the benefit of quality visual effects, but the performance of many of the actors was to an acceptable standard, and although the plot wasn’t life-changing, it had its moments, and so long as you go in the movie theatre expecting what you’re going to get (your standard action/adventure movie), then you won’t be disappointed by what you get. If that isn’t the place, then what’re you doing there in the first place?