Captain America: Civil War – Who’s Not Going To Be In It?

The new Captain America movie boasts a large cast, so much so that it’s been nicknamed Avengers 2.5 by fans. In addition to the participating heroes, there are a number of supporting characters who are involved in the superhero conflict, like Thaddeus Ross to new characters like Everret Ross. However, despite previous reports to the contrary, Stark Industries CEO and Tony Stark’s love interest, Virginia “Pepper” Potts will not be in the movie.

Gwyneth Paltrow is officially not reprising her role as Pepper in the third Captain America installment. When the movie was in production, there was no indication she was involved, but two months ago, word came out that she was involved with reshoots. However, according to this new information, Paltrow was never asked to return for Captain America: Civil War. Either way, she won’t be seen in Captain America: Civil War, and her absence is attributed to breaking up with Tony Stark. As if battling his former Avengers ally over conflicting ideology wasn’t bad enough for Iron Man.