Paper Towns Top of The UK Box Office

Supermodel Cara Delevingne’s newest movie Paper Movie, has debuted straight to the top of the UK box office. The John Green adaptation achieved box office takings of £2.7 million in its opening week, meaning Inside Out the Pixar rollercoaster retained its second place position. The UK box office top ten in full: 1. (-) Paper

Jurassic World Breaking Records

With 2015 already seeing movies records being broken, is it any surprise that Jurassic World has also joined in on the fun? The movie which was released last week, is the fourth film in the series and has now achieved the biggest worldwide box office opening weekend ever recorded. Exhibitor Relations, the box office tracker

Beyblade Movie Coming Soon?

Jump for joy Beyblade fans as Paramount Pictures are on course to making a live-action movie about your favourite toys. A popular show during the early 00’s, the franchise was was an extremely popular cartoon, following on from Pokemon and Digimon. The toys are estimated to have made over $2 billion in revenue, so this